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Cambodian entrepreneur Chen Zhi, Prince Holding Group

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Chen Zhi is a Cambodian entrepreneur and Chairman of one of the largest business groups in Cambodia, Prince Holding Group

This page tracks the latest news and information about Chen Zhi himself and the companies under his Prince Group. Follow this page to get the latest updates. 

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Who is Chen Zhi

Chen Zhi is the chairman of Cambodian conglomerate Prince Group, one of the country's biggest, most dynamic and fastest-growing business enterprise groups. 

Despite the broad and prolific coverage of the Cambodian economy by numerous subsidiaries under Prince Group, the main Chen Zhi himself is seldom seen in public, seemingly preferring to maintain a low profile. 

Often referred to as Cambodia Chen Zhi or Prince ChenZhi, this business visionary is of Chinese descent and later became a naturalized Cambodian citizen when he arrived in the country a number of years back. During this time, he met with Prime Minister Hun Sen.

His interest in real estate via the subsidiary Prince Real Estate has resulted in the development of several projects in both Cambodian cities of Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. These ventures paved the way for a 1 million-square-meter growth.

Prince Plaza Center, Prince Modern Plaza, Prince IT Building, and Prince City Center are a few examples. They are mostly currently under construction but will be finished soon.

Belt Road Capital Management, Prince Bank, Cambodia Airways, Prince Supermarket, Awesome Global Investment Group, and Canopy Sands Development are all subsidiaries of Prince Group.

Cambodia Chen Zhi

He is not only engaged in industry, but also in philanthropy.

2020 was chen zhi prince group year of philanthropy in Cambodian society. He had promised to donate $3 million to assist Cambodia in purchasing 1 million COVID-19 vaccines.

When the floods reached Cambodia, chen zhi prince group provided assistance to the victims.

Chen Zhi is very particular about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues and led Prince Group and its divisions in establishing various efforts on those fronts for the betterment of Cambodian society.

He has made a generous donation to establish the Prince Horology Vocational Training Center, which provides various full and partial scholarship placements for talented Cambodian students.

Chen Zhi Cambodia seems to be especially excited about luxury watches, and he wants Cambodian-made watches to compete with those made in Switzerland and Japan.

Chen Zhi Background

How did chen zhi prince group get to Cambodia? He may have associations with people from various walks of life. With his real estate experience and contacts, he is willing to complete large-scale projects. His adept networking skills may have aided him in making a profit.

Though Chen Zhi prefers to stay out of the public eye so most of his work is done behind the scenes, he has launched over 240 charity events with Prince Group. 

Cambodia Chen Zhi and the Group were instrumental in ensuring that many people became working in Phnom Penh. They accomplished this by embarking on a massive undertaking. They had revealed that Ream City would be available shortly. This $16 billion scheme will cover 834 hectares as a city in Sihanoukville.

Since it will be built on reclaimed land, Ream City will have the typical characteristics of developed communities, such as malls, colleges, landed homes, condos, restaurants, beach resorts, beach houses, parks, and so on.


Who is Chen Zhi?

Neak Oknha Chen Zhi is the Chairman of Prince Holding Group. As chairman, Chen Zhi has turned Prince Group Cambodia into a leading conglomerate in Cambodia that adheres to international standards, invests in the future of the Kingdom and is committed to sustainable business practices

What is Chen Zhi Scholarship?

The scholarship program is a progressive initiative under the leadership of philanthropist Chen Zhi, Chairman of Prince Holding Group, in collaboration with MoEYS.

What is Prince Holding Group?

Prince Holding Group is one of the largest and fastest-growing conglomerates in Cambodia, with its various units focusing on three core areas: real estate development, financial services and consumer services.

What is Chen Zhi’s background?

Neak Oknha Chen Zhi is a shareholder and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Prince Bank Plc. He participates in making core decisions for the Bank that include strategies on how to increase and expand business operations.

What awards did Chen Zhi win?

Prince Group Chairman Neak Oknha Chen Zhi Wins Entrepreneur of the Year – Conglomerates at 2021 International Business Awards

What is the name of the watch school started by Chen Zhi?

Chairman Neak Oknha Chen Zhi (陈志公爵) and prince group cambodia, being a responsible corporate citizen, have opened the Prince Horology Vocational Training Center, Cambodia’s first independent watch school.

What is Chen Zhi’s net worth?

There is currently little publicly available information about the net worth of Cambodia Prince ChenZhi

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